Welcome - Come to Church at 10:25AM for the community time.

Welcome to Rock Springs First Methodist Church

We are a Traditional Bible Based Faith Community  .... Worshipping in the Spirit of Our Weslyan Heritage

Our mission statement is: "Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World." Here at First  Methodist Church, you will find a friendly, diverse congregation that will welcome you in love and connect you to opportunities to grow in faith. We believe a church is not just a place you go to but rather a family you belong to. No matter where you are in your life journey, you are welcome here and we hope you will join us soon!e.

See you at 10:25AM. 

Come Join Our Youth Fellowship, Wednesday at 6:30PM.

Wednesday at 6:30PM.  Come on and join us. 

Check out our Sermon Section - Special Page under February 1st on status of UMC.

All the sermons are available on the Sermon Page.  A special radio message by Pastor Jimmy on the status of the UMC is listed on February 1. 

Easter is Coming.  Ash Wednesday February 26th.  Service at 7PM.

Enter Lent with us.


Palm Sunday April 5th

Maundy Thursday April 9th

Good Friday April 10th

Easter Sunday April 12th

     7AM Sundrise Service.  Come at 6:40AM and watch the sunlight hit White Mountain until the sun appears on the Easter horizon.  Coffee will be served in Parlor.

     Join us for breakfast afterwards.

     Regular service at 10:30AM.

Rev Jimmy on Facebook

Rev Jimmy is on Facebook for Sunday School at 9AM, 11:00 AM on Thursdays for Reflections & Lessons, and Live at 5 on Saturdays.  Log in and like the Rock Springs Wyoming UMC and be part of the conversation.

Coffee with the Pastor Thursdays at 9AM.

Come join the Pastor and others at the Bike and Trike on Broadway.  9AM on Thursdays. There is plenty of lively discussion.  The Pastor is still buying.


Wednesdays 5:30PM at the Church.

UMW Meeting Thursday March 5th, noon.

Please join the UMW for their monthly meetings, normally at noon of the first Thursday of each month.  All are invited.  The meetings are back at the Church at noon.  Potluck.  However if you find yourself without a dish, you are welcome.  There is always plenty of food available.  The meetings are normally at the Church but it is best to verify by contactong the Church office for the location, or send us an email at our website or Church email.  


-  Confirmation Classes for all ages

-  Life Group formation

-  Special topic studies

Rev. JIMMY"S Message Message


Children's Church

There is a Childrens Sunday School program after the Children's Message.  We also have a nursery for the youngest ones.

What's on the BULLETINS

Under "More" the bulletins from the services are listed.  You will need Adobe Reader or another PDF file reader to see the bulletins. 

Our Faith Statement: "Jesus Our Rock of Salvation, Our Life Springs Eternal"

Healthy Things Grow>Growing Things Change>Change Is A Challenge>Challenges Force Us To Trust GOD>Trusting GOD Makes Us Healthy>Healthy Things Grow!


Facebook Live. 

Sunday School, Sundays at 9AM.

Thursday Theological Reflections & Lessons, Thursdays at 11AM.

Saturday Live, Saturdays at 5PM.

Remember to see the facebook live you have to send a friend request.  See us at @rockspringsunitedmethodist.  If you are looking for us, please remember it is Rock Springs, Wyoming.  There are many Rock Springs out there.