Welcome to the First United Methodist Church of Rock Springs! The mission statement of the United Methodist Church is: "Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World." Here at First United Methodist Church, you will find a friendly, diverse congregation that will welcome you in love and connect you to opportunities to grow in faith. We believe a church is not just a place you go to but rather a family you belong to. No matter where you are in your life journey, you are welcome here and we hope you will join us soon!

2018 Operation Christmas Child Has Ended

Operation Christmas Child prepares Christmas boxes for children around the world.  Thanks to all who participated this year.  We were able to donate 37 complete boxes plus extra supplies.  This completes our 3rd year of collecting and assembling boxes.  Thank you Cherie Rannells and Buffy O'Brien for all you did.


Over the years, the Christmas tree has become a symbol of
Christ as the "tree of life." Through the birth of Jesus, believers
have been given God's gifts of life. light and wisdom.
The use of Chrismons to decorate Christmas trees is popular in
many churches today. Chrismons rvere first developed in 1957
by Frances Kipps Spencer of Ascension Lutheran Church in
Danville. Va. In an effort to create appropriate decorations for
her church Christmas tree, Spencer fashioned centuries-old
symbols into white and gold tree decorations.
"Chrismon" is a combination of the words "Christ" and
"monograrn," and means "symbols of Christ." Chrismons are
gold and wfiite, representing majesty and ptuity. Ideas for
fashioning them are developed frorn early Christian s.mbols,
the Bible and church histories.
Although Chrismons have been used in the United States since
1957, many symbols of Christianity have come dor,vn to us
tluough the ages. Early Clristians often worshipped in secret to
avoid possible persecution and death. They developed certain
symbols that were used to comrnunicate with fellow believers
and direct Christians to secret places of worship. Symbols that
signitied the believers'faith often adomed doors and buildings,
and r,vere included on items such as jew'elry and household
Spencer's Chrismons and similar designs are now used on
Chrismon trees in churches of different denominations
throughout the country. The lighting of the Chrismon tree often
is incorporated with the hanging of the greens in some


Wednesdays 5:30PM at the Church.


Please join the UMW for their monthly meetings at noon of the first Thursday of each month.  This month that is December 6.  This month also is a Christmas lunch.  Contact the Church office for the location, or send us an email at our website or Church email.  

Book Study

"Breaking Free", a Beth Moore Bible Study.  It will be held at the Parsonage on Wednesdays 6:30-8:30PM.

Rev. JIMMY"S Message Message




2nd Luke 21:25-36 “The Next Great Advent”

9th Luke 3:1-6 “Get Ready”

16th Luke 3:7-18 “Expectation”

23rd Luke 1:30-45 “Filled With The Holy Spirit”

24th Luke 2”1-20 “What Child Is This?”

30th Luke 2:41-52 “A Child Grows”

What's on the BULLETINS

Under "More" the bulletins from the services are listed.  You will need Adobe Reader or another PDF file reader to see the bulletins. 

Our Faith Statement: "Jesus Our Rock of Salvation, Our Life Springs Eternal"

Healthy Things Grow>Growing Things Change>Change Is A Challenge>Challenges Force Us To Trust GOD>Trusting GOD Makes Us Healthy>Healthy Things Grow!


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Sunday School, Sundays at 9AM.

Thursday Theological Reflections, Thursdays at 10AM.

Friday Evening Fireside Faith Chat, Fridays at 8PM.

Remember to see the facebook live you have to send a friend request.  See us at @rockspringsunitedmethodist.  If you are looking for us, please remember it is Rock Springs, Wyoming.  There are many Rock Springs out there.